Welcome to Catie’s copy shop, 

where words go bang and phrases pop

Where no two websites sound the same,

and taglines garner instant fame. 


This is a place of zest and colour, 

to make the competition duller.

A shop for copy clear and proud,

to enchant the disenchanted crowd.


Where words ring true and eyes latch on,

and out the door the people throng,

to glimpse the thing you’ve put so well,

in copy not designed to sell,

but state so very elegantly,

your why, your how, your speciality


So, ditch the bland and boring stuff,

the marketing comprised of fluff.

And give your readers what they crave;

something original and brave.


For words, as simple as they are, 

can make the humblest brand a star.

(This call-to-action has to rhyme, so if you’re seeking words damn fine,

just send an email or a fox, I’ll meet you back in your inbox.)